“I saw Jesus at Kawangware”
by Agnes Mutua


I was present and sat in a row along the path. Mary stood in the middle. She just wanted to give a very short speech because she wanted to join Rev Bonnke who had given the announcement: “Jesus is coming to Nairobi”.

I was looking at my watch, it was nearly 2pm, and she was not going. It was 2.20 pm when I saw her calling someone to introduce to the gathering. I was struck in my heart: the person who came along looked like Jesus. Then I heard Mary saying that she got a message from God to stay, the MESSENGER is near. She told him to say hello and he greeted us in Swahili.

He looked like a Sikh -- very light, brownish, golden skin, with sparkling eyes full of light, looking up and down. His hands were radiating light.
He started speaking: “You, Kenyans, are blessed by God.” Then he told Mary that he was sent by his Father to tell her that there is a place near Luanda called Abusiralu where he was told to put up a peg where she will build another church. Kawangware will be the mother church. In that church many ill people will be healed. You will find a lot of people harassing you, but my Father will give power to you to deal with these people. Then he told her to take out of his pocket a golden cross. As Mary took it out, she saw that there were many of them in his pocket, but his gown was not showing a mark, it was straight. Mary showed the cross to the people. Then it vanished. Then he slowly left, he moved along the path. I touched his gown. I asked him to bring back my husband. He gave me a very sad look.

Mr Gurmam Singh offered him a lift. At 56 Stage II -- this is very near to my house -- he asked Mr Singh to drop him out. As he disappeared, a big shining star with rainbow colours rose up to heaven. All the neighbours and my children saw it, and they have no doubt that Jesus had come to Kawangware. This star can be seen during Mary’s healing sessions at Kawangware. Since that time I have changed. I am not attached to my husband any more. So help comes from everywhere. My faith is strengthened, I know Jesus is looking after me and my children.

This report was obtained by Memo Neupert, when she visited Mary Akatsa in her home village, and was originally published in the July 1994 issue of Share International.








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