AIDS miracle cure in Uganda


In Uganda more than 400 people have been cured of AIDS and the HIV-virus through prayer since January 1994, according Omega a programme made by the Evangelical Broadcasting Company, in Holland. Uganda is one of the countries hardest hit by AIDS with some 40 per cent of the population being infected. A whole generation will be wiped out; grandparents are taking over the role of parents to their grandchildren, their own children having fallen victim to AIDS.

In a church in Kampala (Uganda) people suffering from the disease were cured after prayer meetings for them. When they were tested again they were found to be zero-negative -- free of the virus.

A now healthy-looking young woman told of how she had been so ill with AIDS that the local AIDS help organization turned her down and declined to give her a place because she was already 'too far gone'. The disease had reached such a stage that she had holes in her head into which she could poke her fingers; most of her abdomen and breasts had been destroyed, and in fact she deteriorated to a phase where her entire body seemed to be disintegrating. Her skin had also been attacked but suddenly she noticed that her skin was beginning to renew itself spontaneously. She grew, as it were, a new skin four times and new flesh began to cover her previously almost bare bones. Throughout her illness she had prayed constantly and had continued to believe in God. Others prayed for her too and believed that God would cure her. She had to learn to walk again, just as if she had been a baby.

A young girl, Anna Catherina, began suffering from headaches, stomach pains and a severe skin rash. A doctor diagnosed AIDS and she was sent to the local AIDS-clinic. But "because God was not present in the clinic" she did not go there but went instead, although she was not religious, to the church and began praying hard. She was tested twice and both times she was found to be zero-positive -- she had AIDS. Although four subsequent tests proved that she was infected she continued to believe and pray. It came as no surprise to her then that the seventh and eighth test showed that she was zero-negative -- totally cured of AIDS.

An independent Dutch doctor, Elly Vooys, who went to Kampala with the camera crew said that there is no medical explanation for such healing. The relevant documentation kept by the hospital concerned showed that six tests indicated that the girl was suffering from AIDS, she was quite clearly zero-positive and that the subsequent two tests showed her to be zero-negative. She was tested using the "Elisa-method" a well-known test which has an accuracy rating of 99.9 per cent. Case documents on Anna Catherina attest to the fact that she fully recovered from all AIDS-related symptoms. For instance, she had previously suffered greatly from painful swelling all over her skin; both the swellings and the pain have completely vanished. Only here and there had faint scars remained.

The church in Kampala has documentary evidence from the hospital of more than 110 cases of healing. There are about 300 more people who were also cured from AIDS or the HIV-virus who do not have any documents or case histories to substantiate their claims. Apart from AIDS cases people were also cured of other diseases. According to Anna Catherina these patients include both believers and non-believers. (Evangelical Broadcasting Company, Holland, 1995 )








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