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Senegal - Miracle Melon (1996)
On 20 January 1996, just before the Feast of Ramadan, a farmer in Taiba-Ndiassana, Senegal, discovered to his surprise a watermelon on which the name of Allah had appeared. After the phenomenon had been confirmed by the local Muslim religious authority, it was then authenticated by the Islamic Institute in Dakar. According to Sheik Absoul Moneim Zein another word can also be seen on the watermelon just next to the name of Allah -- Hamdoulillah -- which means "Praise be to God". Last year similar signs appeared also on the eve of Ramadan. The same Sheik Moneim confirmed the appearance of the name Allah on the scales of a fish caught near Popenguine, home to the largest Catholic community in Senegal. Although European media devote little coverage to these events, newspapers in Africa have carried numerous articles about similar incidents in recent years, for instance, the baby of two Christian parents in Chad who was born with the sign of the Prophet Mohammed on his hand. Newspapers in Dakar published a photograph of a forest in Germany in which a verse from the Koran could be read in the shapes of some of the trees. (Source: L' Actualite Religieuse, France; reported in Share International, July-August 1996 )


London- Allah Aubergine Number 2 ( 1997 )
On 20 February 1997, Mr Sidat, a fruit and vegetable wholesaler and chairman of the Madina Mosque in Hackney, north London, was amazed to discover on slicing an aubergine that the seeds spelt out the Arabic script for 'Allah'. Since the miracle, streams of people have visited Mr Sidat and seen the aubergine which he intends to cut up and share with family and friends. "We feel really blessed that this has happened to us and when I spoke to one of the elders at the mosque he said it must be a good omen." (Source: Hackney Gazette, UK; reported in Share International, April 1997 )

Huddersfield- Miraculous Tomato (1997)
British Muslims hailed what was described as a "miracle message" from God written inside a tomato. British newspapers reported that when schoolgirl Shaista Javed, 14, sliced the tomato in half, she found the veins spelled out a message in Arabic. On one side was the message "There is only one God," while the other read "Mohammed is the messenger." Shaista, a Muslim, believes she has witnessed a miracle. "God made me buy that tomato," she was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail. "These words are a message from God." Since Sunday, when she bought the tomato in the northern city of Huddersfield, word has spread throughout the Muslim community. About 200 people, some from as far afield as London, have visited the household to see the fruit, wrapped in plastic clingfilm to keep it fresh. A local shopkeeper said demand for tomatoes had surged, but the nearby mosque was cautious. "We don't consider it a miracle but it is certainly a blessing," a spokesman was quoted as saying. ( Source: Reuters, June 1997 )

Bradford- Miraculous fruit and vegetables - UK (1997)
In July, UK newspapers reported on two simultaneous aubergine miracles in Hindu communities in Bradford, north England. Mrs Parmar, on slicing nine aubergines for a curry, was amazed to discover, on every slice, the Hindu symbol for God. Hundreds of worshippers have flocked to see the miraculous vegetable, which is now on display at the local Brapadi Temple.

At the same time, in another district of Bradford, Mr and Mrs Mistry on slicing an aubergine discovered the sacred symbol "OM". The aubergine is now on a shrine surrounded by incense at the Shree Temple in Little Horton where people are queuing for up to an hour to see the miracle. The symbol appeared after Mrs Mistry decided to chop the aubergine horizontally instead of vertically as she had done with the other vegetables. She told friends: " I don't know why I changed. If I hadn't, the sign would have been lost for ever."

Many journalists are now beginning to link these reports to the Hindu milk-drinking statues, the Florida rainbow-Madonna and other miracles. (Sources: Reuters; International Express; The Guardian; The Sun; Bradford Telegraph and Argus, UK)  

The "Allah fish"  - USA  ( 1997 )
An albino tiger oscar fish which has spent the last four years on a pet store shelf has suddenly become a local celebrity in Lodi, San Joaquin County. A group of Muslims are convinced that the markings on the right flank of the fish spell out the word "Allah" in Arabic.

It has been dubbed the "Allah fish" and is owned by Hyatullah Ahmadi, 27, who bought it last week. "It's a sign of Allah," said Ahmadi, a student of the Koran, Islam's holy book. "If He wants to write His name on any kind of animal or thing, he can do it." "It's very, very distinctly written," said Taj Khan, president of Lodi Muslim Mosque, who has seen the fish several times.

 The Allah fish has received a flood of guests since it moved into its new aquarium in the Ahmadi home. ( Source: Associated Press; Pasadena Star-News, July 5 )  

Holland- Name of "Allah" on eggs and beans ( 1997 )
Sceptics will see in this the random playfulness of nature, but Mikail Güçlü has no doubt: he has in his possession miracle eggs and beans bearing the name "Allah".

About three years ago 33-year-old Güçlü from the Regent Quarter of The Hague, Holland, bought some eggs fresh from the farm and as usual had them on sale in his shop. But two of the eggs seemed slightly strange. "I noticed that the shells were a little misshapen," he said. "Very odd, just like Arab letters. And then suddenly I saw it: "Allah." Reason enough for him to call in a friend. He himself speaks four languages but his knowledge of Arabic is limited and, besides, he wanted to hear all the "ins and outs" of it.

"But I could hardly believe what he said 'what could be read on the egg was: 'There is but one God, Allah, and Mohammed is His prophet.' That's why I asked others, too, just to be on the safe side, and I went to the mosque, to the Imam. Everyone said the same thing."

A neighbour, Mohammed Moncef from Tunisia, in the shop by coincidence, confirms that this text can indeed be read on the egg-shells: "This is the first time I've seen these eggs, but it's quite clear. What you see here is the first line of Islam."

Less definite is Ali Reza Rahiminejad. He doesn't know the whole story but has been called over by Güçlü to discuss an "urgent matter". Rahiminejad, an Iranian, abandons his telephone business and an egg is pushed into his hand as he arrives with the request that he say precisely what he sees. It takes a while, but then he too sees it: "That, there, says: "Allah" repeated a few times." He doesn't decipher any more in it, even when Güçlü tells him the whole phrase. "Yes, you say that, but I don't see it. I see only "Allah". And here too, and there. But that's all."

The beans, however, present Rahiminejad with no problems whatsoever. "Without the shadow of a doubt, this, here, says "Allah."

Güçlü discovered the "miracle beans" while sorting through them two days after he had purchased the eggs. He had bought about five kilos of beans, about 500 grams of which bear the name "Allah". "People may think that I scratched it on the beans myself, but I swear that is not the case. Take some with you to check them, if you like. But I would like them back please."

Güçlü believes that what subsequently happened with the beans is even more of a miracle. He gave some of the "Allah-beans" away to friends. Out of respect he did not feel he could sell the remaining beans: he decided to give them to the mosque, and requested that they be cooked and shared among the congregation. "About 40 people enjoyed a complete meal from these beans and there was still food left over. The Imam told me later: "We could serve as much as we wished, and the supply was still not exhausted."

It was not the first time that 33-year-old Güçlü had heard of such phenomena: "I've heard that it happens quite often. In London. And somewhere in Holland there is also said to have been a similar case with a pepper. I've also heard that in Turkey the name "Allah" was found in honey-comb. And in Ankara I myself saw an apple bearing the holy name. But I never dreamed it would happen to me. I couldn't believe my eyes."

Mikail Güçlü sees the incident as a miracle from God: "I used to pray a lot, but I haven't been doing it so much lately. The Imam said: "This is a sign for you, continue in your faith." But," adds Güçlü firmly, "it is also a proof for non-believers that God exists."  

Miracle potato attracts thousands in India (1997)
Thousands of Indian Muslims have been to view a miraculous potato which came to light in north eastern India. Momina Ahmed, a housewife, discovered the words "Allah" and "Mohammed" on the separate halves of the potato which she had just cut in two. The two halves are now on display in the local mosque.

Since the moment the miraculous sign was discovered, says Mominàs husband, Moinuddin Ahmed, more than10,000 Muslim faithful have visited the building to view the miracle.
(Source: de Volkskrant, the Netherlands)

Easter Miracles - UK (1998)
On Easter Monday in the UK, two vegetable miracles occurred, on a potato and an aubergine.

Linda Coles, 32, from Hull, was amazed to discover, on slicing a potato for the family's fish-and-chip meal, a crucifix shape. "It's amazing," said Linda's husband, who took the potato to his local Catholic church. "It's just such a perfect crucifix shape."

On the same day, in Manchester, an aubergine was cut open to read "Allah" in its pattern of seeds. (Source: The Guardian, UK)








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