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Master Mechanics
Recently, two elderly sisters, driving along a quiet country back road in Iowa, USA, had a puncture. Unable to change the tyre, they sat and waited, hoping that help would soon arrive. Within seconds a car appeared and three young men jumped out offering to help. Their rescuers were "handsome, courteous and happy. They were also fair haired, blue eyed, and all wore white suits."

One of the young men lay full length on the road to position the jack, and was scolded by the sisters for soiling his spotless attire. However, he made light of their worry and, when he climbed to his feet his suit was not stained at all, even though the road was greasy and slippery after a day's rain.

The tyre was quickly changed, the young men ascertained the sisters had no further difficulties, and refusing to accept payment for their efforts drove away. However, as they continued down the country lane, their vehicle began to shimmer brightly, until the car was "almost transparent ? and then, with a final pulse of brilliant light, it vanished altogether". The sisters are convinced that they were helped by 'angels'.
Apparently, dozens of experiences have been recorded from all over the United States of 'angels' coming to the rescue of stranded travellers with punctured tyres. The 'angels' are always young, smiling and playful, but become solemn and silent as they perform their duty of changing the wheel. When their mission is accomplished their otherwise unremarkable vehicle dematerializes in a magical shimmer.
(Source: Daily Mail, UK; published in Share International, March 1993 )

We reproduce, with acknowledgments to the New Zealand magazine New Idea, the following letter from one of their readers:

Dear Editor,
Ever since I was a child I have had premonitions, but the following incident is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.

I had gone to Rockhampton for a day's shopping, and as I drove into the car park at Kmart a man who had parked on my left asked if I knew that there was a large bubble on the inside of one of my rear tyres. He said he was driving behind me when he saw it.
As my car was stationary and the bubble couldn't be seen, he asked me to move my car forward, but the fault in the tyre still wasn't visible. He suggested that I go and get it checked. I then got into my car to reverse it into the parking space, and as I did so I turned to give the man a wave, but to my amazement he was nowhere to be seen, and a woman was driving into the space he had occupied.

I asked her if she had seen the man in his car, as I hadn't heard him start the engine or seen him drive off. She looked at me strangely, so I told her what had happened. She said she hadn't seen the man or his car at all, and had wondered why I'd looked so surprised at seeing her there.

After doing my shopping, I went to the tyre place, and told them what had happened, asking if they could check the tyre. They couldn't believe that anyone driving behind me could have seen a bubble on the inside of a tyre. Much to their surprise, when they removed the tyre and checked it on their machine, there was a bubble, just as the stranger had described it. My guardian angel was certainly looking after me.

I still can't work out how that gentleman could have left without me seeing him. As there were cars parked in front, he couldn't have driven straight through, and with the lady driving into the space beside me, he couldn't have reversed. Did he exist, or was it one of those strange phenomena? Or was it a guardian angel looking after me?
Throughout history people have claimed to have seen angels, at the place where heaven and earth meet. Many religions and cultures include angels in their beliefs and folklore. There are countless stories of lives being saved by the timely appearance of a guardian angel.

I recently read a very inspiring book about sightings of angels, and how they have saved the lives of many credible people. It's called A Book Of Angels, by Sophy Burnham, published by Ballantine Books, New York. It contains reflections on angels past and present, and true stories of how they have touched our lives.

Kevin Arnett, New Zealand (From: New Idea, 14 March 1992)

From the Share International "Letters to the Editor" column :

Dear Editors,
At my work I have heard about a colleague who had the following two extraordinary experiences:
It was in Lausanne, Switzerland, where my colleague went one day for a walk. She stopped at a pedestrian crossing because she saw a truck coming. The next moment she saw, in the middle of the road, a lady with her child in a pram. The lady with the child did not see the truck at all. My colleague wanted to shout to them: "Watch out, the truck," but she couldn't say a word because she had already imagined the accident as the situation seemed hopeless. My colleague turned her eyes towards the truck, and at that moment she saw a man standing in front of the truck, looking towards it with both arms raised. This happened in a fraction of a second and the man, dressed in white, seemed to have wings. My colleague thought he was an angel. The truck came to a standstill and the lady with her child crossed the road safely.

It was also in Lausanne that the same colleague went out by car. She was driving alone in her car when all of a sudden it stopped on a bend. She tried to make it go again but suddenly she saw a truck coming which couldn't see her because she stood on this bend. She closed her eyes, sure that this was the end.

Nothing happened and when she opened her eyes again she saw a man in white standing with arms raised between her car and the truck. He was looking at the truck and she saw that he had wings. She was sure that this angel had saved her life.

Concetta Cordo, Switzerland
( published July 1994 )

The Mysterious Good Samaritan
Shortly after Princess Dianaís death, a tragic accident occurred on the M6 motorway, near Cannock, in the UK, involving a coach carrying a group paying a commemorative visit to Buckingham Palace. Sadly two women died and many were injured. The group are now trying to trace a man in a red car who stopped to help. People described him as a ministering angel at the roadside, as the full horror of the crash became apparent.

Club organizer Barbara Jones said: ìWe have no idea who he was or where he came from, but he was such a wonderful man. He got us all to get off the bus quickly in case it exploded, then started wrapping us up in blankets. He even put people suffering from shock in his own car to keep them warm. We just want to thank him personally.î (Source: Crewe Guardian, UK; reported in Share International, November 1997 )

In a similar story, rumours still persist of mysterious men in white at the crash scene of one of Europe's worst air disasters six years ago, when an El Al plane crashed into apartment blocks in a suburb of Amsterdam, Holland. Investigations, which are still being carried out, seem to suggest that the plane was carrying either uranium or sarin -- a nerve gas component. Residents in the immediate area have been complaining ever since of a variety of illnesses.

Local people continue to describe the presence, soon after the crash, of a number of men in white -- they describe them wearing some sort of "protective clothing". Some reports say the men in white were moving about helping victims, aiding the dying, helping with rescue efforts, while others link their presence with the fact that the plane was carrying some toxic substance. ( Share International, November 1998 )

And in October 1998, an unknown elderly woman helped the driver and three passengers out of their car when the vehicle landed upside down in a canal in Mijdrecht (the Netherlands). The accident occurred when the car skidded, presumably because of the wet and oily road surface. The elderly woman helped the four to leave the car and took them to a dry part of the road. Astonishingly, not one of them was injured. When the accident victims wanted to thank the woman they found that she had disappeared. (Source: De Nieuwe Meerbode, the Netherlands)








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