The Masters Enter Man's Domain
by the Master -, through Benjamin Creme


Whenever mankind is afraid it turns to God or the Angels for help and assurance. Thus it is today, in the midst of man's deepening crisis. On all sides, the cry for help arises and, in answer to that cry, the Agents of God respond. We, the Architects of the New Time, know that deep in the hearts of all men lies a firm belief in higher help and guidance, and it is Our joy and Our age-old duty to provide them. Slowly but very surely, man's awareness grows of the unseen forces which surround him and which are ever ready to succour and aid him. That man mistakes the identity of these forces is not important: Masters or Angels? Few there are who know the truth.

When We, the Brethren, appear as angels, we do so in accordance with the Law of Recognition. In this way, men know that they are not alone. When higher evolution permits, We need no subterfuge and demonstrate Our true appearance. Thus it is that some see angels while others recognize the Brotherhood.

Time of times
More than ever before, Our dealings with men in daily fashion proceed apace. Whenever opportunity permits, we render service and make Our presence known. In this way, men realize that the time of times is approaching, that the Great Lord is with us, that the isolation of man has come to an end.

Whether men see Us as angels or as men, they will know that help is ever available. They have only to ask. That the help invoked may not correspond to their desires is a lesson which must be learned. We work ever within the Law and the Plan, and fashion Our aid accordingly.

Angels, in myriads, there are, but they touch not yet the lives of men. A time is coming, however, when these unseen forces will offer to men their healing power and knowledge and, safely, enter man's province. Meanwhile, We, the Teachers, the Elder Brothers of men, act to bridge the gulf between the Kingdoms. Thus can We safely oversee the congruence of men and angels. We are the "go-betweens"; the willing helpers of both men and the Devic forces; the ever-present Administrators of God's Plan and Purpose; the alleviators of suffering and the Agents of God's Love.

Guides and helpers
Soon, in large numbers, men will see Us, know Us for what We are. We are your Brothers, gone ahead before you; your willing Guides and Helpers; your Higher Intermediaries; your Mentors and Teachers; your Muses and Inspirers; your faithful Servants and eternal Lovers. We answer your call for succour and enter your domain.

( Share International, January-February 1996 )








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