For the past several years, unusual and unexplainable circles of light have been observed in a number of towns and cities throughout the northeastern United States. From such locales as Freeport Long Island, NY, Burlington, VT and numerous locations in the state of Rhode Island, residents have observed these beautiful geometric light patterns. Most are formed from light reflected from the windows of adjacent homes and buildings. They appear on the buildings and then move to the ground as the angle of the sun changes.

Circles of Light
By JD Rabbit

A new form of miracle has been observed since 1997 the circle of light. These circles most commonly appear on the sides of houses, and a variety of them at over 60 locations have been observed in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Other reported locations, also in the northeastern United States, include Adams, Massachusetts; East Providence, Rhode Island; Staten Island (a borough of New York City); Freeport and Long Beach (on Long Island, near New York City); Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and other locations in the state of Vermont.

Inmost cases they appear when the sun is out, generally when the sunlight is at a suitable angle to reflect from one or more windows onto the house adjacent. Some are seen only in the early morning; others appear at midday or late afternoon for a few hours; others can only be seen in spring and fall; and some have even been observed by bright moonlight. Many have been observed in the same place year after year, while others appear for a while and then vanish. Typically, they move up or down, changing with the sun's angle as the earth rotates, with some descending at times to appear on the ground. Some shine astonishingly brightly, and as many as six varied circles - some double have been seen at one location. In some places they have been seen on a number of houses in the same block.

Numerous circles have also been reported and photographed under other circumstances. They have appeared on bedroom walls after the occupant had read an article about them; they have appeared on the sidewalk in apparent response to people wishing to see one; they have even been seen on automobiles and clothing, in one case remaining on a man's shirt as he went inside. Another man was sitting in a café when he saw one on the side of a bus passing by; another man reported seeing them on every house he passed as he walked down the street. Exceptional forms, such as a bright "X" inside a rectangle, also appear. Some designs have been observed to change significantly in as little as 15 minutes. In two cases noted thus far, the light reflected from windows on the homes of Transmission Meditation participants to form circles visible on the adjacent houses. No physical healings have been reported in association with the circles, but some claim the designs grow brighter when people meditate near them.

Typically, there is a sense of awe when one observes these beautiful manifestations. Persons familiar with sacred geometry have identified such forms as the vesica pisces, or Flower of Life, within many of the circles. Crop circle researcher Michael Glickman, publisher of the magazine Crop Circle Radius, has taken an interest in the light images, regarding them as similar in origin to the crop pictographs.

Kate Lanxner, whose articles on the circles in a local metaphysical publication first drew this writer's attention to the phenomenon, offers sets of color postcards of some of the more striking sites, and is available to guide visitors to Burlington who wish to tour this remarkable phenomenon - if the day is sunny. (Burlington reports more overcast days per year than any other city in America.)
(Article printed in September 2000 Share International)


Burlington, Vermont