Last weekend, the Pasadena Star News (Southern California) reported on 27 May 1988, "residents reported seeing a cross shining through a bathroom of an apartment in El Monte." This was, the paper pointed out, the second cross-sighting in El Monte in a week. "More than 3,500 people saw the cross... On Thursday, El Monte police barricaded the street to prevent congestion from cars. People started arriving at 10 am; by 9 pm hundreds remained outside the home. They were allowed inside the front gates in small groups and directed to the proper spot for a look. The lighted cross was the same as the first - shining brightly from a bathroom window".

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A video documentary has been produced about the crosses of light. This award-winning video tells the moving story of the people who live among the crosses and how their lives have been dramatically changed. It also includes interviews with people of various religious faiths, a doctor and a scientist. A second video tape of of continuous images of different crosses of light, along with a sound track of music, has also been produced for meditation and healing purposes.

Elmonte, California 1988

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