Crosses of Light
Letters Published in Share International


Canada ( c1989 )

Dear Editors,

Share International readers will have been fascinated by the accounts of crosses of light appearing in the windows of people's homes in the USA and other parts of the world.

Linda Cluett, who is in the Vancouver BC Transmission Meditation group, had a similar experience when she was staying with her daughter near Vancouver. A cross appeared in a window of frosted glass that was dividedinto two panes. As Linda did not live with her daughter she decided to take a pane out and see if the cross was portable. In the process she broke a corner off in two pieces. Not only was the cross portable, but multiple. A cross remained with her daughter and in the pane she removed, and also in the two broken pieces; one of which she gave to me and the other to a lady from New Zealand.

I took the piece given to me to the local glass works because its validity was questioned. The manager studied it for some time and then said, "Well, Josephine, you will just have to accept there are some things that cannot be explained."

Josephine Chaudoin, Oak Hill, Florida, USA
(published November 1989)

Southern California ( 1989 )

Dear Editors,

A few days before Christmas our five-months-old son got ill showing the symptoms of little rashqlike red spots on his skin; they grew bigger and darker and spread to most areas of his body in less than a week. When we took him to the doctor his blood test showed that the quantity of platelets had been relatively reduced down to nothing resulting in lack of coagulation or clotting of blood and therefore causing internal underskin bleeding. His doctor said that the reduction of platelets was caused by bonemarrow malfunction, that it was a very serious matter and that he should be hospitalized. But we said we would like to wait a couple more days. As soon as we arrived home from the doctor's office, we received a call from him wanting us to go back to repeat the blood test. The result of the second test was identical to the first one and the doctor reminded us of the seriousness of the illness.

That same night we contacted Mr Creme and put our son's name on his Master's healing list. Two days later the bruiseqlike spots which were caused by internal bleedings started disappearing without any medication and he regained his health.

The story doesn't end there; in early January, one night I had just come home from work and was getting ready to go to bed when all of a sudden I got an urge to go and check our bathroom window. When I went and checked, I saw a cross of light, only on the left fixed window, which has been there ever since.

Mohammad Zinatbakhsh, Los Angeles, USA
(published November 1989)

France ( 1991 )

Dear Editor,

It was early in the morning and Hughette was getting dressed. She had been working as a masseuse for several months, but now all she really wanted to do was to serve people. She needed help; what should she do?

Three days before, she had seen a photo of a miraculous cross of light in the home of a French family outside Paris; people thought it was a sign of the return of the Christ. She prayed to the Christ to help her be sure what she should do with her life. Suddenly, a beautiful cross of light appeared one arm at a time. She looked all around to see where these rays of light could be coming from, but there was no light source at all. The cross was manifesting by itself, and stayed there for several minutes before disappearing.

At work, with the first massage, she felt something different in her hands... a heat, an energy, something connected to a new joy which she felt in her heart. Day after day, until the present, this energy and this joy have continued.

She knew now that she was really helping people get well. Often, her hands seemed to 'know' that an organ needed treatment. She didn't say anything to anyone but many of her clients noticed that their illnesses were very much improved after a treatment. Hughette felt that she was truly being of service for the first time. Moreover, she was sure that she didn't need other training. Although inexplicable, this gift has continued to give her a profound joy.

She knows that since she was the only one to see the cross of light there is no exterior proof that it was a sign, but she feels in her heart that it was a miracle, that her life has been completely transformed and that it is very possible that the Christ is about to present himself to everyone very soon.

Hughette prefers to remain anonymous so I have told her story for her.

Frances Robinson, Paris, France
(published October 1991)

Germany ( 1992 )

Dear Editor,

One of the many phone calls before Benjamin Creme's lecture in Munich in October last year came from a woman in Leverkusen, Northwest Germany. She had a couple of questions, decided to come to the Munich meeting, and we arranged to meet at the information desk in the lecture hall.

"What are these?" was her almost immediate question when she arrived, pointing at the photographs on the table behind me. We had just published two black and white postcards of crosses of light (taken in the San Francisco area) and were showing them here for the first time. I told her what I knew about the phenomenon. "I have the same thing at home," she said. Excited and amazed, I gave her some issues of Share International that had reported on the appearances of crosses of light, and we promised to keep in touch.

According to Creme's Master, this was one of three crosses of light in Germany. (We have not yet heard about the other two).

At the end of January this year, on my way back to Munich from Holland, I made a stopover in Leverkusen to visit the woman with the cross of light.

She could not remember when she had first seen 'her' cross, but now it could always be seen when the sun or the moon was shining through her bathroom window. She had been watching the cross very carefully, and, pondering over its shape, she described a very fine net covering the middle part. "It's like a symbol for me s you don't jump without a net, its like being cushioned and safe." She made a little drawing for me to show its fascinating details. I asked her if she would share this story with Share International readers and she allowed me to write it down, but not to mention her name.

Since I so much wanted to see it, and unfortunately we had a new-moon that night, she tried to use a torch as a light source, while standing in the bathtub, with the top window wide open. When the torch was only a few centimetres away from the window pane, the cross of light appeared in a flash. I felt thrills of joy and excitement and tried to take pictures of the cross that appeared again and again as soon as she moved the torch towards the window pane.

My friend told me: "I've always thought that the phenomenon might have to do with the glass. But every time I look at it, it gives me a feeling of consolation and joy. I have shown it to some other people who also found the sight very joyful."

Ute Redl, Munich, Germany
(published March 1993)








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