On 15 February Kenyan nun, Sister Anna Hadija Ali, sponsored and supported by Monseignor Emmanuel Milingo, an African Bishop, held a press conference in Rome and spoke about her experience of meetings every Thursday since 1987 with Jesus Christ. European media have reported on this event, including Italian and French television, News of the World (UK) and Hello magazine (UK).
Two photographs she had taken of Jesus in 1987 and 1988 were displayed at the conference and have been included in a book entitled Divine Call recording her experiences. In the photograph taken in 1988, Jesus weeps blood. Since then, every Wednesday prior to her meeting, Sister Anna's face becomes swollen and painful and the following day she, too, weeps blood. Her doctor remarked that this is an "absolutely inexplicable phenomenon from the scientific and human point of view". He also commented on an "extraordinary aroma of freshness" she exudes during this process, which he concluded is the "perfume of the Christ".

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