Healers Speak of Experiencing Maitreya
by Bettina Fricke


From 18-21 October I was a member of the German delegation to the First International Congress for Spiritual Concord in the City of Alma Ata, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Central Asia. I met three people who confirmed having met a man who looked extremely similar to the one on the Nairobi photograph. He had appeared before them and disappeared in the same way as was described by other people who had the same experiences.

The First Congress of Spiritual Concord was initiated by the International Association Peace through culture (PTC), which was founded by Valentin Siderov, President of the Nicholas Roerich Society, Moscow, together with members of the Russian Pen-Club, the Theosophical Society in Madras, the Krishnamurti Foundation, and other groups. Among the first supporters of PTC were Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa when he was still in power. Other supporters were the Dalai Lama, the Indian ex-President Zail, President Nasarbajew, Arkadij Wolsky and other prominent political and cultural names from Russia.

In May 1992 an appeal was issued by Valentin Siderov calling urgently for the Congress, before the end of the year, to discuss on a wide international scale the necessity of placing spiritual principles together with political actions. Because of the unstable political situation in Moscow, the Congress was finally held in Alma-Ata. The city of Alma-Ata, near the northern Himalayas and only 300 km from the Chinese border, is known as an important cultural and interfaith centre of the country. In fact, more than 120 ethnic groups of different cultures and religions live peacefully together in Kazakhstan, among them orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists.

There were about 2,500 participants at the congress, including 600 representatives from 300 different countries. All world religions were represented, together with members of the Rama Krishna Mission, the Brahma Kumaris World University, the Zoroastrians, Agni Yoga groups, Kalmuks and various others.

Lecture about Maitreya

One of the first contributions was given by PTC President Siderov, who gave a short overview of the ethical and economic crisis in the world. He made an appeal for a second revolution, the revolution of the spirit, and recalled Russia's spiritual mission for the world in the coming time. This time is called "the Century of the Holy Spirit" or "the Great Comforter" in the old books of orthodox wisdom. In the Russian tradition, the "Holy Spirit" has the same meaning as the Buddhist teachings: The "Lord Maitreya".

However, according to Valentin Siderov, the Lord Maitreya would never return on the physical plane or in a physical body but would manifest himself in the hearts of all men. This new opening between humanity and cosmos will be followed by great cosmic help for our planet.

During the opening of the conference, a young man in a white robe had attracted my attention because, from a distance, he might have been a brother of the Nairobi appearance of Maitreya. He was always surrounded by a group of Kazakh people who seemed to worship him. I too tried to get closer to him, perhaps because I hoped to find Maitreya. Later, I was told that this man was a great, young healer: the holy Lama Sary Aulie.

When I realized how confusing it was to be running all over the place looking for someone in a white robe who could have been Maitreya, I felt really miserable. So I decided after the lecture about Maitreya to keep quiet, stay centred, watching what would happen.

As I left the hall there was a beautiful costumed group in front of the building arranging a group photograph. They asked me to join them. Although we could not communicate because of language differences we had a lot of fun. Somebody gave me his card, so I got to know that the group was of the the Kazakh Healer Association. While all this was happening I felt very relaxed and quiet inside.

Later, when I returned to my hotel room, one of the young women I just met during the group photo was sitting there. Nicolai, her Russian interpreter, had called her to give healing to a friend of mine with whom I was sharing a room. Her name was Aigul. Nicolai told me that Aigul was a healer and that she had become very known recently because she had predicted the great earthquake of Armenia three weeks in advance. She gave my friend precise information about his illness and about events from his past.

Next day I met her again. I suddenly had the idea to show her the photograph of Maitreya in Nairobi, which I always carried with me. "Who is this man?" I asked her. When she looked at the photograph, something changed in her expression. Then she told me that this man had appeared to her at about five o'clock in the morning of 16 August 1991. She was in her bedroom with her husband. It was no dream, she was fully awake, as the man suddenly appeared in front of her. She could not move, so strong was the energy that came from him. The man had looked exactly like the one in Nairobi, she said, only his beard was white and a bit longer. He told her that she was going to heal from then on. She did not understand, but later, when she left the house, she felt an "enormous energy". She could even stop the cars in the street. "I did not know how to handle that enormous amount of energy at first," she told me.

From that moment her whole life changed. She had been a simple housewife with six children. Suddenly she could diagnose medical problems, of which she previously had not the slightest idea. She knew the future and the past of a person. She saw everything in a different way. One day she was looking at TV. Suddenly there was the face of that man on the screen, then a date written beneath, and ruined houses. This was the earthquake of Armenia, exactly three weeks before it happened. "It was Mohammed I had seen, and who had come to me," she said.

It seems important to mention that this was the first time she had spoken to anyone else, apart from her husband. "You know, I am from a small village, everybody knows everybody. I did not dare tell them what I had seen".

She was very excited. I tried to give her more information material from Share International, but she could only read Kyril writing. So I told her all I knew about Maitreya and that each man would recognize him in his own way the Christians as Christ, the Moslems as the Imam Mahdi, the Buddhists as Maitreya. It took some minutes, but then she understood. "Your friend Ben is right," she said. "Tell him".
We decided to see Mr Kozhalymov, the President of her association, and we met him in front of the congress hall. Much to my amazement I had already met him the day before during the group photo session. We exchanged cards. When Aigul showed him the photo of Nairobi, he touched it with his fingers and closed his eyes. He seemed to remember something. Then he described how he had often seen this man before going to sleep. "A very holy man," he said, but he did not want to spend more time on it.

In the evening we met some other of Aigul's friends. We showed them the photos of Nairobi and the crosses of light. It was a pity they could not read the text. However Aigul promised to send me a letter with an exact description of her experience.
In the evening some of our party had taken part in a healing ceremony of Sary Aulie, the white-dressed man. They were very impressed. Obviously he was a great healer. However it seemed difficult to contact him. When I was on my way to the Congress hall, he suddenly came up in front of me. I managed somehow to pull the Nairobi picture quickly out of my bag. There was no interpreter around and I could not express my question. When Sary Aulie saw the picture, he stopped. It took some time for him to find someone who could translate Kazak into English. Obviously he wanted urgently to explain something to me. "I know this man", he finally said. "This is my ancestor. He can appear and disappear. He is my teacher. He comes often to me and I know where to find him". He wanted to keep the photo and asked me for another appointment at three o'clock in the afternoon, for a "very special healing ceremony". He seemed to give great importance to our meeting.

Unfortunately the room where we were to meet was already prepared for an evening concert. Somebody told me that Sary Aulie and his group would leave the city in the evening to fly to Turkistan, the 'mecca' of the region. I tried to find out what this meant for me because I had no telephone number or address. However only a little later it turned out that a lady from our group, who lived in the same district as Sary Aulie and his group, gave me his address. She told me that she a scientist specially interested in healing methods of different cultures had been invited by Sary Aurlie for next year. I showed her the crosses of light and she told me that there is a place between Moscow and St Petersburg where there appear all sorts of geometric forms and crosses in the sky. "A group of Russian scientists," she said, "has been trying to give an explanation for these phenomena in the sky for several months."

Meher Master Moss

The last day. The official part of the Congress had just ended. People were still standing around, discussing the final resolution, which, in the opinion of many, had not been strong enough.

One of these groups drew my attention, gathered round an Indian lady, who was obviously giving an interesting interview to some TV reporters. I recognized her as Meher Master Moss from the Zoroaster group in Bombay. She had been the only woman in the official delegation committee and I knew that she had been working in the past for the UN. I listened to her words: "All the peaceful political events and resolutions of the recent past are the result of the influence of the Prince of Peace. He has never left this world and has promised us to come back in physical presence at the end of this century," she said.

"Could this return be happening already?" I asked. "Oh yes", she answered. Again I showed her the Nairobi photograph. She looked at it for a short moment, and then she embraced and blessed me. She asked me to see her in her hotel in the evening. I went there at seven o'clock. There was not much time because she still had several official meetings, but she was very happy to see me and took me to her room. There she told me that she had seen that man at a conference (I could not tell where. She spoke very fast and I had difficulty in understanding every word.) "There was only one difference," she said. "The man I saw was very tall, with high cheek bones and very luminous eyes. He had a lot of humour". This reminded me of Patricia Pitchon's experience of seeing Maitreya.

We then discussed briefly Siderov's view that Maitreya will not reappear in a physical body and can be experienced only by the inner senses of men, which will develop in each of us within the evolutionary process of the coming time. She confirmed again that the man she saw had appeared at the conference in a physical body which he could make appear and disappear.

Later I had a talk with Siderov. I described to him the experience of these people with Maitreya and asked him to form his own opinion. He listened politely, yet did not change his position. He presented the same old-style attitude, which had dominated the official part of the conference from the beginning to the end and which had made it impossible to put new questions or suggest new answers for what is going on in the moment.

Yet the fact that a spiritual meeting like this had taken place in this part of the world, which had been suppressed for many years by the old communist structures, was a sign of hope for all the participants, who had travelled from all parts of the former USSR to take part. It was their enthusiasm and their creativity which made those days in Alma-Ata what it was for all of us: the experience of new ways of communicating and of tolerance among us all.

The day before our departure, in a hotel in Moscow, I talked to a member of the Swiss delegation, Freddy Bolak, who belongs to the Sufi Movement. On the first day I had tried to talk with him about Maitreya, but he seemed very sceptical. So I used the time to tell him again about the experience with Aigul, Sary Aulle and Mrs Meher Moss. He listened with interest. Then he gave me the address of a Turkish Sheikh. "This man, a highly evolved person who lives on the Turkish border in Cyprus, said last year that the Imam Mahdi is in the world and will declare Himself soon. There are a only a few events that have to take place before men will recognize Him".

( from Share International, January-February 1993 )








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