"God can still heal if you pray to him to do so,"; said Pope John Paul II recently in his Sunday angelus message, which turned into a call to solidarity with the sick, the old and children. According to the Pope, "all of them are in danger of being regarded as a burden".

In Italy, this invitation from the Pope to pray for a miracle brings back into the public arena the claimed miracle of the Madonna in Civitavecchia, a village near Rome, where a small icon brought from Medjugorje weeps tears of blood.

A theological commission appointed by the Vatican has now accepted this as a miracle, according to an unconfirmed report. The statue was first seen weeping tears of blood, which was found to be human, in early 1995. The second anniversary of this miracle was attended by about 10,000 pilgrims. The local bishop surprised those present by blessing the occasion. He said that at least two people had been miraculously cured of cancer, one in Turin and the other in Toronto. In addition, political extremists, previously dedicated to violence, had been converted to peace and Christianity. Civitavecchia is now attracting thousands of pilgrims.
(Source : The Tablet, UK; El Pais, Spain; reported in Share International, April 1997 )

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