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England (1996)
Until seven years ago, Jean Neill of Rugby, England, spent her days in a wheelchair, often suffering almost intolerable pain. Her suffering began when she broke her back in a fall, after which she spent nearly four years, more or less permanently, in hospital, and underwent 10 unsuccessful operations. To add to her misery she was involved in a road accident as a result of which she lost most of her sight and suffered three heart attacks.

Seven years ago, while on a waiting list for yet another operation, she attended a religious youth gathering in Birmingham. Six weeks before the meeting she had two dreams. In the first she saw herself die on the operating table. In the second she saw herself in a large hall being prayed for by a tall man with a foreign accent. She also saw herself get up out of her wheelchair and run.

Six weeks later at the meeting in Birmingham, the evangelist came up to Jean shortly before the meeting was about to end. Jean later learnt that the Holy Ghost had told him that she was to be the greatest miracle of the evening and that he would see her walking. The evangelist prayed that the healing power of God would flow through her. Her eyes opened and she could see again. Her lungs filled with air. Her crippled hip became normal. Her pain disappeared along with her paralysis. She could stand erect and she could walk. Beside herself with joy she ran through the crowd gathered in the hall and embraced total strangers.

Her doctors were speechless with amazement and have no explanation of how someone who had been in a wheelchair for 25 years could suddenly be healed. (Source: Evangelical Broadcasting Company, Holland, 1996 )

Jordan (1991)
As a priest in Amman, Jordan, removed the cloth from the holy bread just before communion, the bread began to bleed profusely. The priest had just mentioned the name of a bedridden parishioner in need of healing. At that moment, the man in question, who was at home on oxygen, felt compelled to take off his oxygen mask and go to the church. He arrived there healed. ( Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; reported in Share International, July-August 1991 )

South Korea (1995)
According to NBC television news in the US, a survivor found 16 days after a building collapsed in Seoul, South Korea, dreamed she was visited by a monk who gave her an apple. Rescue workers carried 19-year-old Park Sung Hyun from the rubble of Sampoong Department Store on a stretcher. She was later reported to be weak but in a stable condition at a hospital. "It's a miracle, it's a miracle," her mother said.

Another survivor, 18-year-old Yoo Ji Hwan, had been pulled from the wreckage after living 12 days under tons of rubble. According to a Reuters report: "Fortune tellers and spiritual experts helped rescue workers search for survivors after a professor said he felt a spiritual force emanating from the rubble" and a survivor was found the following day. (Source: NBC News; Associated Press; Reuters; Suddeutsche Zeitung; reported in Share International, September 1995 )


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