Letter to the Editor
(From Share International Magazine)


Dear Editors,

During a recent visit to North Carolina, I was interviewed on a television program taped at St Augustine’s College in Raleigh. During the interview I spoke about Maitreya’s appearance in Kenya in 1988, and showed one of the photos taken there.

After the program ended, I made my way to the control booth to review the videotape. A young student, Tim Mwadime, introduced himself. “I was there”, he said, “in Nairobi. I know this story. I am from Nairobi, Kenya.” I felt shivers up and down my spine. Goose bumps covered my skin. Tim’s story went like this:
He had grown up in Kenya, and before coming to the US was employed at a television/radio production studio in Nairobi. He had a friend at the studio whom I’ll call Samuel. (I failed to ask his friend’s name.) Samuel was, as Tim described it, “a very worldly person; he wasn’t spiritual, he smoked and drank, he did not know God.” One day, out of curiosity, Samuel decided to visit one of Mary Akatsa’s meetings. He had heard things and wanted to see for himself what was going on. According to Tim, Mary Akatsa was widely known for her preaching and prayers that had helped many people. (One interesting side note: Mary Akatsa held one of the only religious services where people of different nationalities gathered together. This was in a city where people of the same nationality tended to worship with their own people.)

Samuel ended up going to a number of the meetings. Tim didn’t see Samuel at work for a couple of days, and when Samuel returned, Tim told him: “There’s something different about you.” Samuel related his experiences at one of Mary Akatsa’s meetings. He had moved forward to where Mary Akatsa stood. She began praying for him. Suddenly, something came over him. He felt different; he felt changed. Subsequent days saw Samuel’s life take a new direction. He was friendlier. He no longer smoked or drank. To Tim, it seemed as if Samuel’s very nature had been transformed.

After the next gathering, Samuel told Tim of a most miraculous event. Mary Akatsa announced during the meeting that the Christ was coming, a Great One was coming. No one there actually expected Christ to appear at that meeting, but all of a sudden from out of nowhere, there he was -- “Jesus Christ”. Samuel told Tim that Christ had moved through the crowd to the place where Mary Akatsa was speaking. “Everyone was shaken,” he said. I asked Tim what Christ had done. “He prayed, blessed some people and spoke with them for a while.” Tim couldn’t remember the exact words Christ had used.

Tim went on to tell me of how the local papers carried the story the next day. He said people couldn’t believe it had happened. Nairobi was abuzz with talk. “It was a miracle,” Tim said, his voice growing with excitement, “a sign.” Tim regretted that he had not gone with Samuel that day.
One last thing Tim told me, as well as he could recall: before leaving, Christ had said he would bring blessings raining down. That evening in Nairobi, unexpectedly, it rained.

McNair Ezzard, Denver, Colorado, USA( published in the December 1992 issue )








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