Healing Water Letters


Dear Editors (1),
My father recently became very ill. His three doctors informed the family that he had only days to live. He was sent home from the hospital to die. He was told that he had intestinal cancer which had eaten holes through his intestines. The family rushed to South Texas to be with him, fully expecting him to die within days as the doctors predicted. This was the week before Easter Sunday.

I arrived on Good Friday. My mother informed me that the neighbors at this small island resort where they live had given my father a bottle of water from a village near Mexico City. The neighbors are from Mexico and only on vacation in Texas. They discovered the story of this miracle water from a family in Mexico (their cousin is the President of Mexico) and went to Mexico to get some for their own mother who was near death from liver cancer. In three days the woman was healed from cancer. My parents knew this lady and thus believed that it was a miracle. My father took some of the water a few days before my arrival. On Good Friday we took my father to a new group of doctors who informed us that there is now no evidence of cancer. My father has no infection, in spite of the fact that he has a hole in his intestine, and all body functions appear to be normal. Neither I nor the family know what to think about this matter. The doctors suggested that the hole in my father's intestine may be healing itself.

According to the Mexican family who obtained some miracle water, it was discovered by villagers who noticed that a very sick dog was drinking from a muddy pool of water. The dog was healthy soon after. People began to try the water and also became healthy. The local priest tried to provide a clean atmosphere for people seeking the water but the small pool of muddy water was not organized in any way to provide for the growing number of people seeking drinking quality water.

The priest asked for help from the Mexican Government. At first the Government refused to supply a pump and filter system. However, the priest provided water for over 600 government military persons sick with various illnesses in the hospital. According to the story, all were restored to health. Now the government has provided a system to pump and filter the water. The Mexican friends of my parents stood in line for three days to get some water.
Wayne Peterson, Washington DC.
( published SI June 1992 )

Dear Editor (2),
Juan is a real-estate agent here in Chapala, Mexico, who told me of his experience with the "miracle water" from Tlacote.

Juan had a stroke in November 1991 which left him unable to walk, and blind in one eye. After surgery to try to repair the damage, doctors told him he could not walk again, nor would his eyesight return. They also told him that one of his kidneys was not working. Juan's cousin from Monterey told him about the Tlacote water, which had restored the cousin's eyesight. After taking the water, Juan began to walk again. Every day his wife sprayed the water on his back near the kidney which was not functioning. After a week the doctors examined him again and said the kidney was fine, asking him what medication he had taken. He did not tell the doctor about the water, thinking that the doctor would not understand. Juan is now walking, with a limp, but no longer an invalid. His wife puts a few drops in his eye every day. He says it feels different, and hopes his vision will return.

Juan also told me that droves of people from the US are coming for the water, making the lines very long. If one has a passport and a doctor's written diagnosis, it makes things go faster. Some people from the US are flying in with helicopters.

Sincerely, Helen Jagen Chula, Vista, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.
( published SI May 1993 )

Dear Editor(3),
Early last summer, our cat's hind legs wouldn't work. The Vet said it was severe arthritis or something, and that nothing could be done. It progressed to the point where she was dragging her rear-end around by her front paws, and the fur was wearing off on the useless hind legs. A friend who had recently been to Tlacote, Mexico, and had brought back some of the "healing water" from there, suggested that we try giving her some of the water. We gave her one teaspoon a day, dripped on her food. Within two weeks, we noticed a tiny bit of use of one hind leg. By a month she could "wobble-walk", and shortly after she could even scurry still a little wobbly, but quite amazing compared to the pathetic creature she had been. It's now over a year later, and she is still walking!

Nancy Macleod, San Francisco, USA
( published SI November 1993 )








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