Jesus Has His Portrait Painted


Glenda Green is an internationally recognized portrait painter and art historian. In 1989, her husband had a dream that Glenda was to paint a portrait of Jesus Christ. The possibility intrigued her, but it took nearly two years before she decided to undertake such a painting. After months of study, research, and contemplation, she felt frustrated as to how to proceed. She prayed in her studio for guidance.
Glenda describes what happened next: "At that moment, a presence entered the room unlike any I've ever experienced ... Although He was transparent, there was a radiant glow, and He displaced the air so conspicuously that I could see currents of pressure-waves rippling about eight feet in front of me. Was it the Holy Spirit ... or perhaps a special angel? ... later experiences and insights were to reveal that it was the Master Himself, in pure spiritual form.

"The Presence called my name, though in no human words I know, and then shot a beam of energy from Himself to a point between my eyes. I presume He implanted something into my optic nerve, for a radiant picture projected before my eyes. It was an exact visual prototype of the painting to be done.... "From that moment forward, my life has not been the same, not even in the smallest way ... After that, the events of every day unfolded perfectly as they should, and each hour of work was a living dialogue with the Master."

Glenda Green's book, Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, is the result of the Master Jesus's four-month visit to her studio in Fort Worth, Texas.




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