A Very Practical Miracle
From the Share International "Letters to the Editor" column :


Dear Editors,

I would like to relate an extraordinary story that I heard from an acquaintance of mine. On 6 March 1996, at a major automobile manufacturing company in Japan, the members of the design group were working on the door design for their new line of cars. They brought their own ideas and discussed each design. They realized that their ideas were not satisfactory, and that none of the designs could provide the necessary strength for the door. One of the members, Mr K., went back to his computer and contemplated the design for a while.

Suddenly, his hand grasped the mouse of the computer and began to move by itself, without his intention. A drawing of a door structure that he had never seen before began to appear on the screen. At that moment all the noise around him disappeared and a fragrant breeze blew by. When the drawing was completed, he noticed that a man was standing in front of his desk as if he had been there for a long time. It was so natural that Mr K. did not find it strange, even though the room was 'off limits' to all outsiders.

According to Mr K., the man was very tall, with a rather dark-skinned face, large dark eyes, and black hair. Mr K. could not determine the man's nationality. He had a deep, clear-featured face and wore a long white gown like that of a doctor. Mr K. had read about Maitreya some time ago and realized that this must be Maitreya, the Messenger of God. But because His presence was so natural and matter of fact, Mr K. did not get excited at all.

The man told him that he should make a honeycomb structure like the drawing on the screen, because if they made an inexpensive, new honeycomb door, there would be no need for an airbag on the side door. It would be good to use paper as the material to make the honeycomb structure because paper is thin and light. Mr K. did not actually converse with the man but somehow those ideas came into his mind as a natural conviction. As soon as the drawing was done, the man disappeared.

When Mr K. showed the design to his fellow designers, they said that it would not be strong enough. But the computer was connected on line to the computer screen of the upper level decision makers and they also saw the design. They instructed the design group to pursue the honeycomb idea.

Mr K. says that the new honeycomb structure is a novel design, and has the same strength as the air bag but is cheaper; it is also safe and non-polluting. The management decided to use this structure for their lower-priced cars, and the preparation for mass production began within a week.

Mr K. is planning to introduce this honeycomb structure at an upcoming meeting of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association where each company shares the results of its research on building an ecologically sound automobile for the future. He says: "It has been difficult to build an air bag on the side door of the lower-priced cars. I am sure all the manufacturers will begin to use this honeycomb structure. Then the safety of the lower-priced cars will be improved greatly."

Namio Kameda, Tokyo, Japan

( published May 1996 )








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