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Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings
Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya
and the Masters of Wisdom

by Wayne Peterson

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings is essential reading for those who intuitively sense that there is more to life than what we might have imagined and those who want to explore their true identity as souls. It also delivers a powerful message about where we are as a human race, and what we can achieve if we choose to work with the Divine Beings now among us in making sharing, justice, cooperation and peace a reality.

Few books convey this level of detail about personal encounters with spiritual Masters of Wisdom, and the powerful message of this book solidifies as readers reflect upon four points:

First, Peterson's story of his personal and professional lives reveals how the Masters oversee human endeavors. It appears, for example, that Peterson' s glimpse of Benjamin Creme on television, and his subsequent meeting with him, are not coincidental.

Second, the mix of spiritual and practical outcomes after interactions with Masters demonstrates their attention to our well-being on the spiritual, emotional and physical planes. For example, they are as attentive to Peterson's need for a comfortable home where family and friends can gather as they are to his expansion of consciousness.

The third point is the explicit teaching that Peterson relates on subjects as essential as Self-realization, the Law of Cause and Effect, detachment, replacing fear with love, and meditation.

Finally, the appendices provide an overview of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, as well as lists of books and other resources that support the reader's further investigation of these topics. Examples of the Masters' involvement in human lives stimulate hope and faith, and in this book Wayne Peterson has given us an extraordinary insight into the secret life of a diplomat.

Modern-Day Miracles
a book by Paul Prather

20 years ago a Southern Baptist minister was stricken with deadly cancer. He had a tumour in his head, on his kidneys and in his bone marrow : the prognosis, needless to say, was terminal. But one day the man told his son that while he had been praying, God had told him that he would be healed. Within two or three days the cancer just dissapeared.

That son was Paul Prather, and thus began a journey that lead to the writing of his book Modern-Day Miracles. In an interview with Stephen J. Lee (Knight-Ridder Newspapers) he said "I wasn't religious when this happened. I was in college, and a partier, beer-drinker, and a sceptic. But I was present when he was healed and I saw that and I couldn't deny it."

Over the years Prather kept running across similar stories he couldn't shake. "It didn't matter what denomination it was in, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, people would start telling me these stories about miracles. A lot of the time they didn't want to talk on the record, because peole would think they were crazy."

The question lead him to research the phenomena more closely. He found that miracles are a lot more common than we, in the modern, scientifically oriented West often realize. Interestingly he says that "One survey found that 82 per cent of Americans believe God still performs miracles. People don't go out and talk about it, but they believe it in their hearts."

His own beliefs on miracles have evolved, partly because of the overwhelming evidence that he has witnessed. He concludes "I still have a lot of questions even after doing this book. but my gut feeling is that God is doing something in our time. I don't know what it is, but he seems to be making himself known in a way that hasn't been done since Bible times."

"Modern-Day Miracles: How Ordinary People Experience Supernatural Acts of God" by Paul Prather, published by Andrews and McNeel. Available from

(Source: "The Possibility of Miracles" by Stephen J. Lee, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, published in Pasadena Star-News, January 11, 1997, and in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

It's a Miracle! - TV show

American prime time television sereis hosted by Richard Thomas. It features stories of the unexplained from everyday life including answered prayers, angelic encounters and medical miracles. The program's producers are always looking for new stories and can be contacted online.

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