"I AM coming to you"
Pentecost Miracle at St John's Church of Glastonbury

Towards the end of the main Sunday Eucharist on the Feast of Pentecost 1993, five members of the congregation seated in different parts of the church began to 'speak in tongues'. This had never happened before in the church and none of the individuals concerned were familiar with this experience. As far as is known all were regular members of the congregation. One of the men who 'spoke in tongues' in particular was very disturbed and upset by the totally involuntary nature of the experience. At the end of the service, each separately and without any contact with the other speakers was asked to write down the meaning of the words that had been 'placed in their mouths'. In all respects, they were identical apart from slight errors in spelling.

The text read as follows:

I AM equipping you,
I AM healing you,
I AM leading you, but
UNLESS you draw near to Me I cannot feed you.
UNLESS you come to Me, I cannot heal you.
UNLESS you empty yourself, I cannot fill you.
My people, there is still hardness in your hearts; hardness from anger, hardness caused by putting yourself in My rightful place.
REPENT of this hardness.
TURN to Me again and live.
COME that I may renew you in body, mind and spirit.
COME to Me that I may heal you.
COME to Me that I may equip you that I may send you out by the Power of My Spirit to RELEASE those bound by fear, to PROCLAIM forgiveness and to SHOW love to all people.

My children, I AM coming to you.


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