Time for Angels


A 1994 cover story of Time magazine called it a "grass-roots revolution of the spirit". The article, 'The New Age of Angels,' states: "69 per cent of Americans believe they [angels] exist. What in heaven is going on?"

Writer Nancy Gibbs explores the questions many people are seeking to answer about the nature and role of angels in the universe. Gibbs states: "By scriptural tradition, angels pull back the curtain, however briefly, on the realm of the Spirit. [And in] offering a glimpse of the larger universe, they issue a challenge to priorities and settled ways." Angels, she claims, seem to be a universal idea that cuts across cultures and spans centuries. Fifty-five per cent of adult Americans believe that angels are higher spiritual beings created by God with special powers to act as his agents on earth.

Whether an angel appears in a dream, as a comforting presence, or a physical person, there exists a remarkable similarity among reports of such encounters. Two angelic experiences are related in the Time article:
A woman with uterine cancer is visited by a tall, dark stranger with deep blue eyes three days before she is to enter the hospital for surgery. The stranger states: "I am Thomas. I am sent by God." He proceeds to raise his right hand and the incredible heat coming from his hand and a strong white light passing over her body convinces the woman she is cured of the cancer. In fact, test results prove negative, prompting her doctor to acknowledge he had "witnessed a medical miracle".

Another woman reveals that her husband, in the throes of lymphocytic leukemia, was visited by a pale, white man with icy blue eyes. After the visit, the terminally ill man seemed "lit up, just vibrant", according to his wife. He died two days later, but with what his wife called extraordinary peace of mind.

The encounters with angels seem to provide in some cases the extrication from danger, but in others they allow for the removal of the fear of that danger -- a change in attitude, not circumstance. The common thread is a profound change in the lives of those who have had an experience with angels.

The article concludes: "For all those who say they have had a direct experience of angels, no proof is necessary; for those predisposed to doubt angels' existence, no proof is possible. And for those in the mystified middle, there is often a growing desire to be persuaded. If heaven is willing to sing to us, it is little to ask that we be ready to listen." (Source: Time magazine)









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