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Croatia (1994)
Peter Kingsley-Ducane, a former Ambulance Service manager tells of his extraordinary experiences when on a convoy delivering aid to war-torn Croatia.

"Journey to Croatia" ( Share International, March 1997 )

New Zealand (1997)
The New Zealand Herald newspaper reported that a pregnant woman who fell as a house deck [balcony] collapsed believes an angel cushioned her fall. Pepi Cavanagh was one of five people taken to a nearby hospital after the deck separated from a two storey house. Cavanagh ended up lying partly in the garage and was briefly knocked out. She said she woke up confused, but with a vivid memory.

"I remember feeling like I was falling and flying backwards. I could have sworn I saw an angel standing there -- a big tall man. It was white all over.

"That angel that was there cushioned my fall. I feel God's presence was there. If it wasn't, some of us would have been dead."

Cavanagh, three months pregnant at the time, sprained her right foot and had severe bruising around her lower torso, her spine and the back of her head, but was not seriously hurt. She said: "I thank God I'm here. There's so many things to be thankful for. It's a Christmas I won't forget for a while." (Source: New Zealand Herald)


South Africa (1994)
Hundreds of South Africans prayed for peace at the bidding of an angel who spoke from a pillar of light, according to a senior policeman who says he saw the vision. Lieutenant-Colonel Johan Botha says he organized Wednesday's prayer day after the heavenly messenger appeared to him in March and asked that South Africa pray for peace. "A silhouette of a man against a tremendous light from the back ... A person in a white robe of about 40 years old, with a very deep, very gentle voice appeared before me," Botha, an elder of the Dutch Reformed Church, said. (Source: Reuters; published in Share International, June 1994 )


Sweden (1992)
Several Swedish newspapers and the UK The Guardian carry the story of a 15-year-old girl, Samira Hannoch, who says she has experienced a miracle. The holy Lebanese Saint, Charbel, she says, appeared to her at her home near Stockholm, dressed in dark clothes and with a cross in His hand. Samira, He said, would put out the fire which divides the church in Sodertalje in two: Syrian and Asyrian. Thousands of pilgrims flock to her family's apartment where she blesses them with holy oil which flows out from the picture of the Saint. There have been miraculous healings as a result.
( Source : Share International, May 1992 )

Saint Charbel - "The hermit of Lebanon: Man Of Miracles"
(Share International, October 1997)


USA - Massachusetts (1997)
A reader of the Standard-Times newspaper in New Bedford, Massachusetts, noticed the image of a winged, curly-haired cherub in a photo layout of a sunset taken by staff photographer Mike Valeri.

When the story of ValeriLs photograph hit the national news wire services, the newspaper was deluged with calls and letters from around the country and beyond. Newspaper staff have received hundreds of written requests for reprints of what everyone simply calls "the angel picture." Proceeds from the $25 reprints are donated to the newspaper's charity, the Neediest Families Fund.

Valeri was encouraged to take the photos by a fisherman who told him there would be a wonderful sunset, and gave him further encouragement when clouds threatened to spoil the shoot. A columnist for the paper wrote that "Much has been made of the man who drifted into Mike Valeri's life for a signal moment Oct. 2 as heavy clouds rolled across the western horizon, roiled the heavens and obscured the setting sun. This is the man who dissuaded Mike from packing his gear and quitting the scene, giving up on his sunset project. Just bide your time for a few minutes more and you'll get your picture. That's basically what he told Mike. Who was this guy? Where is he now? We don't know. Nobody has come forward." The newspaper column also noted that all this took place on the day that the Church celebrates as the Feast of the Guardian Angels.

The newspaper's computer systems administrator Vance Gorke has received many e-mail messages from people who have seen the photo on the newspaper's World Wide Web site: "One man from Rhode Island said his father had died, and he saw the angel as a sign that reaffirmed his faith," Gorke said. People have said: "You know, this was just what I needed right now." (Source: Standard-Times, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA)

Standard-Times angel page


USA - West Virginia (1998)

At least three times in recent months, an unusually dressed man and woman have shown up at the door of churches and soup kitchens in West Virginia and left money. "They were standing there holding a bag of coins," said Althea Burns at the Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling Inc. "They said: 'No, we're not the Blues Brothers*. We're angels from heaven.' They dropped a card in the container that said: 'Smile, Jesus loves you.' Then, they vanished, leaving a bag with 240 dollar coins behind, and a business card with the initials SMAB. "I didn't even have time to get up off my chair to thank them," she said. "I really do believe they're angels."

In another incident, two clowns opened the door of the Warwood Lutheran Church during a Sunday School lesson, rushed down the aisle and emptied 120 silver dollars into the collection bag. A similar visit occurred at Ye Old Country interdenominational church, when a man and woman wearing street clothes left 100 silver dollars at the altar. Business cards were left at both visits.
(Source: Associated Press)

*The Blues Brothers are two popular US entertainers who dress in dark suits and hats and sunglasses.


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