"He disappeared before my eyes"
A letter From Share International Magazine


Dear Editors,

In January 1994 I was on my way to give a treatment to an old friend on a Sunday morning early and was getting on to the highway near Sarnia bridge when I saw a young man standing as if looking for a lift. He could have been about 20-25 short brownish hair, sparkling white shirt and blue denims. It flooded through my mind that he didn't stand 'an earthly' to get a lift at that time of the morning (and I never give lifts) but I had all of a sudden put my foot on the brake and looking through the rear mirror saw him taking big strides towards me. How did he know I was going to stop? When he got into the car I told him that I was not going into Durban, but where I turned off on Musgrave Road he'd have a better chance for a lift. He put his head sideways and smiled and said that he was also heading for the same road.

I told him that it was quite a way to go and I'd tell him a story to occupy the travelling time. Being an ardent reader of Share International since its early years in 1982, of course I had to tell him about Lord Maitreya, the Christ, getting lifts in Australia and then disappearing out of the cars and was he aware of the fact that Christ was walking among us again? I was given a lovely smile as a reply to my question. Then I said: "What would you do if that situation had happened to you?" Another smile no comment and I followed by saying: I would freak out!

We were turning in to Musgrave Road by then and my friend was there waiting for me at the shopping centre. (I had mentioned briefly that I was on my way to be used as a healing instrument and that was why I was on the road so early in the morning). Just before he got out of the car he ever so lightly touched my left knee and gave me a "blessing" for the healing to be done. Wow! I nearly stalled the car and my tummy did a double somersault. I couldn't believe my ears. We got out of the car and our eyes met over the roof, and he said thank-you and started walking away on the pavement towards the Methodist Church and then disappeared before my eyes after watching him intently.

Now who could that have been is my question. I've not been the same since then and feel shy to talk about it.

Buddy Irwin, Pinetown, Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa.
(published June 1995)








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