Experiencing the Masters of Wisdom

by Wayne S. Peterson


We all fear rejection by society for our unorthodox views, especially with religious groups, which causes us to be overly cautious. However, knowing that there are others working with the Masters has given me a new sense of responsibility to speak out about the approaching new age. Thus, I make my experiences with the Masters available for public use, hoping that others will come forward and add their voice to the ever-growing number of people telling the story of the
Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom

Angels have had a long history of being accepted as fact by cultures both East and West. Masters of Wisdom, or the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, however, are not universally accepted within religious myth. I did not know that Masters existed until I read The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, by Benjamin Creme, in 1985. Although I had come to accept that great spiritual beings such as the Blessed Mother and other saints would communicate with humanity on rare occasions, I did not understand that they were part of a Great White Brotherhood working with the Christ. Although I had a visit from the Blessed Mother when I was four years old, it was not until my introduction to the story of the reappearance of Maitreya that I began to have other experiences with the Masters. I kept all these experiences to myself, sharing only a few stories with close friends over the years. It was only in the past few years that loving friends convinced me that I needed to share these stories with a wider audience, especially with those persons working to tell the story of Maitreya's emergence into the world.

When I was invited to share some of my experiences of the Masters with a group working with Tara Center, I agreed reluctantly. I was uneasy with the idea of sharing stories of my experiences that would possibly be unbelievable to others. In addition, I was uncomfortable with what the Masters expected from me. Would they object, I wondered, to my going public with what appeared to me to be very personal messages? These concerns followed me to the day of my meeting with the Tara Center group.

My worst suspicions appeared to be coming true when I was unable to find the residence where this meeting was to take place. My directions to the rendezvous had been inadvertently written in error, and the telephone had been temporarily incapacitated so that I had no way to contact the people gathering for this meeting. I was again concerned that the Masters did not want this meeting to take place. As darkness fell and I still had not found the street, even with many stops to ask locals for help, I stopped and mentally asked the Masters for help. In that mental state I told the Masters that I would seek help for an additional five minutes from the local residents, and if no help could be found in that time I would return to my friends in Los Angeles. Immediately, as I drove into the next block there appeared a woman and child standing in the street looking at me. The woman had long blond hair as did the child. I stopped and got out of the car to ask for help. Surprised, I discovered that the woman knew exactly where I was headed. She gave me precise instructions and even asked for the name of the resident. Although I did not know, the woman even told me on which side of the street the house would be located as I approached. Almost incredulous, I stared in amazement at the woman, wondering how she could be so knowledgeable when everyone else in the area had no knowledge of the street. As if reading my mind, she said she knew everyone on the street. I found the house without any problem. Only recently did Mr Creme's Master confirm that the 'woman' was the Master Jesus. With that knowledge, I feel free to pass on to others my experiences with the Masters.

My knowledge of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom began when I saw Mr Creme on national television with Merv Griffin from Hollywood in about 1981. Mr Creme was discussing his new book with Merv and guest Gore Vidal. Unfortunately, there was little time for Mr Creme to say much about his book during the program, but that did not matter to me. Hearing the story of Maitreya made me suddenly recall again the vision of the Blessed Mother I had had when I was four years old. As a child, my life was saved when the Blessed Mother appeared to me and warned me I needed immediate medical attention (Share International, October 1997 p21). At that time She also told me that the Christ would reappear during my life. As I viewed Mr Creme on that TV show, I knew instantly that this was the message I had been waiting to hear. With great excitement I pursued the story of Maitreya and His emergence into the world.

Sai Baba
Following Mr Creme's presentation about Maitreya on the Merv Griffin Show, I immediately purchased his book The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. After reading it, I wanted to pursue the story further but found myself without direction. By coincidence, I was guided to the Theosophical Society of Washington DC. There I spoke with the President who laughed when I asked if anyone present was interested in the story of Maitreya's reappearance. She said I was fortunate to have found her since she was the only person in the Society that knew of a Transmission Meditation group meeting weekly in Washington. In fact, she advised me to call her good friend immediately since Mr Creme would be arriving in Washington the following weekend for a lecture. I could not believe my good fortune. Thus, after only one Transmission Meditation session with the Washington DC group, Mr Creme arrived for group meditation and a lecture. My journey had begun.

I was quite unprepared for what happened at that lecture by Mr Creme. When he visited Washington and Baltimore that week, I was still very ignorant of esoteric spiritual writings. This was unfortunate since I arrived at the lecture without any knowledge of Sai Baba. As Mr Creme explained the overshadowing process that was about to take place by Sai Baba for a blessing upon completing the evening lecture, I became incredulous. I looked at the rows of faces in the auditorium and thought that they were probably an unfortunate group of new age do-gooders that was detracting from the message of Maitreya's emergence into the world by mixing in Sai Baba events. As Mr Creme began to bless the crowd from the far side of the auditorium I had nothing but negative thoughts about a Sai Baba blessing. Who was this guru in India? Did people really believe He could overshadow Mr Creme? At that moment I was possibly the only person in the room that would not accept this story.

Suddenly Mr Creme's hands fell to his side. His eyes searched the audience as if looking for someone. People began to look at one another in wonderment. Then to my embarrassment, Mr Creme's eyes found mine. He walked as near to me as possible from the stage he stood upon and thrust his hands toward me. At first I did not realize what had happened. Something solid and very real hit me. It pushed me with such force that the chair upon which I sat slid away from my row to cross a narrow aisle and slammed me against the wall. Again and again the force hit me. Yet, I would not believe this could be Sai Baba's force. I looked at the windows thinking perhaps a huge storm had blown open a window causing this sensation like a strong wind. Eventually I realized that there was probably only one explanation, it could indeed be Sai Baba. I prayed that this forceful blessing would stop since I was beginning to feel very ill, but Mr Creme's hands continued to thrust at me. Finally, I told Sai Baba I would believe His power if He would stop His focus on me immediately. In an instant it was over and Mr Creme moved to the other side of the auditorium and began the general blessing from Sai Baba. The event marked a new beginning of my experiences with Avatars and Masters. Sai Baba would visit me again.

Meeting Maitreya
Within months of meeting Mr Creme and experiencing Sai Baba, I was contacted by a messenger of Maitreya. I was invited to join Maitreya and the Masters for a meeting. The purpose of the visit was not immediately revealed to me. Although I cannot speak about everything that happened at this meeting, the events that surround the meeting may be of interest to those who have heard about the Masters and Maitreya. Although I am sure this was a group meeting with other souls such as myself, the event gave me the distinct impression that I was meeting one-to-one with Maitreya. During the one-hour experience I remember being only with Maitreya and two Masters, with the exception of my initial arrival when there were many people arranged in a circle with me waiting for Maitreya to appear.

The experience began with a gathering of friends in Washington DC. Almost immediately after my arrival in a room filled with about 14 persons, I clearly saw a golden globe float around the room. Soon there were two and then three globes of golden light the size of a volley-ball. Linked like a chain of pearls, they drifted counter-clockwise around the room at a steady speed. Not one person said anything about the globes as everyone continued to chat about mundane events. I could no longer contain my enthusiasm and was about to ask the two women talking to me why they did not say anything about the globes. When I attempted to speak, however, I discovered that I was unable to utter a single sound. I tried several times to speak but not a sound would come forth. In a final attempt to speak, I lost control of my legs and fell to the floor. At that moment I heard a voice in my head say: "Do not tell anyone in the room what you see."

After the confusion of my falling, I was placed on a chair and eventually I convinced everyone present that I would be fine. I sat and watched in silence as the globes multiplied until the entire room and beyond was a mass of moving gold light. The globes at first formed one chain around the room, then multiple chains. Each chain of globes moving in the opposite direction and moving faster and faster. It eventually surrounded me and I could see nothing beyond the gold light as it moved closer. I was in a vertical tunnel of gold light as the globes were now spinning so fast that only a blur remained. I could hear my friends talking but could not see beyond the wall of light that now closely surrounded me. At the time I was very confused. The images existed with my eyes open or closed. Nothing would change the situation, so I prepared for the unknown.

As solid as the light appeared, at the time I believed it was simply a harmless illusion for some purpose I would never know. Therefore, I was shocked when a long silver rod with three prongs descended from above within the tunnel of light and hit me in the head. Instant fear enveloped me since I now knew this was very real and could perhaps be the play of something evil. I had no experience with such matters. I remember asking for help from the Masters and reminding myself to be fearless. While I was asking this, the silver prongs were fastening themselves to my head. Then came an incredible crushing force from the prongs, and I was convinced my head would collapse. Everything went dark and my memory stopped.

I opened my eyes to find myself lying on a dark gray floor. Next to my head was a hole. When I looked down I could still see the tunnel of golden light, and far below were my friends, and everyone was very still. The door or portal, through which I assumed I had passed, suddenly closed, and I was alone in a dimly-lit room. I stood and looked around. It was a circular room approximately 30 feet across with a domed ceiling and continuous seating built into the outer wall except where I had entered. A pale green light illuminated a desk-like affair along the far wall, while strong white light came from the opposite side from behind a barrier. A human figure appeared and informed me that he was my guide if I wished to join the Masters for a meeting. The guide informed me that if I did not wish to go, I would be returned to the room with my friends and I would have no memory of the entire event. I agreed to go since I did not wish to forget this entire experience. I now have no memory of how the travel proceeded or was accomplished. I awoke again to find myself being dragged through a doorway by two men holding me under each of my arms.

"You can stand on your own now," said a voice as we entered a huge room. Two men continued to hold my arms as we walked to a circle of other humans. I had time to notice only that there was a large number of others dressed in short white robes like myself. How my clothing changed I do not know. I looked back only once to see my two sponsors standing in a row behind me with several other men in long robes. I call these two men sponsors since they held my arms during the entire visit with Maitreya. I assumed they were Masters. One sponsor appeared very friendly as he motioned to me to step forward alone into the circle. Suddenly there was an instant flash of light as gigantic doors at the far end of the huge room were pulled open. They must have been 20 feet tall, judging from the size of the men pulling them open. Light flooded in and revealed a scene of many men in long robes forming rows with a wide path for the entering human figure. He was bathed in white light and wearing white robes. I knew this must be Maitreya.

As the central figure approached me, I asked if He were indeed Maitreya. The reply was yes. Immediately and without any other comment, He said: "From time to time the Masters and I invite members of humanity here whom we believe are prepared to assist us in our task." Since this was a telepathic conversation the words are approximate. He asked: "Do you wish to help us?" Naturally I said yes, and He asked if I would allow myself to be examined. I understood that the examination was necessary for Maitreya to know how I would be most useful. I was told there would be questions and I would reply. Maitreya, however, informed me that I would not remember the questions or my answers. I had foolish concerns that I could possibly inadvertently give an incorrect answer. Maitreya laughed at my thoughts and assured me that this was not possible. With the question period completed, my sponsors moved me, still holding my arms, as I experienced a spiritual fire. The flames were like magnets, powerfully attracting me and my attention. However, I was still able to ask Maitreya questions and have a conversation as this wonderful experience took place.

Time did not exist; I thought years might have passed. The sponsors were leading me away when I asked Maitreya for more time for a few extra questions. I remember the sponsors saying there was no time, and that the others could not be kept waiting any longer. Maitreya, however, agreed to a few more questions. I first asked if I were still alive in the physical world. He laughed and said yes, it was waiting for me. I then asked if I had to go back to my life in Washington. Maitreya paused for a moment and then asked me: "What is it that so attaches you to the physical world?" Nothing, I blurted. He looked at me in a curious way and said He wanted to show me something. We walked to the blank wall and Maitreya moved His hand in a circular movement. Immediately a window opened onto the world below. He said: "Look out there and tell me what you see." I saw that we were high above the earth at night with the sun rising on the far horizon to my right. Below was a huge desert. At first I searched for the Red Sea or the Gulf of Persia, but there was nothing but land. To the far horizon, however, I could see the rising sunlight glimmer on the huge waters of a sea. Then I noticed the outline of the Japanese islands. I reasoned we were above the Gobi desert.

"Yes, yes," said Maitreya, "But that is not what I am asking you to see. Look again deeper." He then touched me, and I floated into many, many channels of consciousness viewing the wonders of man's achievements in high culture both East and West simultaneously. Maitreya asked if I liked what I saw and suggested I could stay as long as I liked, there was no rush. "Would you like an entire life here to experience these earthly events?" He asked. I replied that it was so wonderful that I would indeed like to spend more time. Then He said: "How about two incarnations of this, there is no rush." At that point I realized what I was saying about my attachments, and Maitreya pulled me back inside the portal. He knew I understood the experience. I said nothing more but melted emotionally when He looked at me and said: "I would go back and complete your incarnations for you, and for anyone else who would ask me, but I cannot because I am not allowed." He informed me that I would have to go back and do it myself. Just before I was led away by the sponsors, Maitreya said to me: "I hope you will keep the promises you made to me this day when the time comes." I told Him I remembered no promises, but He assured me that I had and would be asked to keep them when the time was right.

Humbled by the entire experience, I was ready to return to life in Washington. I was returned to my friend's home in some unknown manner with such speed that I remember hitting the chair and bouncing off onto the floor. I opened my eyes and the room was quiet with everyone in a state of sleep. I thought I could get out of the house before they awakened, but instantly they sprang to life after I had taken my second step towards the door. None of them remembered the hour they lost that night.

After that experience, I became accustomed to being awakened at 4 am as if being startled by something. At times I saw figures moving about my bedroom. Only in the beginning did I fear a burglar was going through my possessions when I saw these human shadows moving. I discovered that I tended to awaken at the moment of a Master's departure. I can only confirm to others that the Masters do indeed teach us at night while we sleep.

Masters in Hawaii
One winter evening on a short visit to Hawaii, I had a visit from the Master who had held my arm during that unusual meeting with Maitreya. This took place in Honolulu, Hawaii, in my hotel room. I was introduced to the Master's disciple and had an hour's lesson in Self-realization.

It was probably the month of March, and I was returning to Washington after completing an official government trip to review programs at several American Embassies in Asia and Canberra, Australia. I stopped in Honolulu for a one night's rest before continuing my journey to Washington DC. Since I had been flying all night before arriving in Hawaii, I took an afternoon nap at a hotel in Waikiki and later that evening had dinner. After walking on the beach for hours in the near perfect climate of a Hawaiian evening, I returned to my hotel. There I opened the doors onto my balcony to view a full moon rising over Diamond Head Mountain. I had little time to appreciate the beautiful view before I thought the room was moving. Standing near the doorway I instinctively reached for something which would steady me. My hand hit the digital clock which read 3 am exactly.

Immediately there stood a young man on my 12th floor balcony wearing a short white gown and with hair that was golden and standing in long peaks. He said: "I am here to give you your lesson for the day." I was in shock. I sat on the bed and wondered how this could be happening. At first I assumed it was a creation of my mind so I attempted to dispel the illusion. Nothing would make the scene change. Eyes open or closed, it remained unchanged. I was too confused to focus on what the young man was saying. Finally, the young visitor stood up and said: "If you are only going to play mind games and not listen to me, I have better things to do." He departed. Immediately, a voice from behind me near my hotel room door into the hallway said: "I sent my disciple to teach you; this lesson is important." The Master went on in a very stern voice and I thought, wow, this Master is stern. He must have read my thoughts since, just before vanishing, He gave me a quick smile and a wink of the eye. There was no doubt in my mind that this Master was the one holding my arm during my meeting with Maitreya.

The young man returned and the lesson, which was on self-realization, ended at 4 am. I enjoyed the conversation immensely and had hoped he would stay longer, but he would not. Before he departed I asked if I would be able to remember any of the lesson the following day. "Yes," he replied, "But not everything. You will remember more when the time is ready." I did not really understand when that time would be but do know the lesson was handled by an excellent teacher.

The Tree in Washington DC
A few weeks after this experience, and back in Washington, I began to think about how unusual this encounter with Masters had been. Day after day I thought about how it could have been a total illusion. I thought about how wonderful it would have been if I had obtained some physical object to cherish from the experience so that I would never doubt the experience. Therefore, during meditation at home one evening, I asked that un-named Master to give me some physical object to prove to myself that this was truly real. That following morning I received my wish in a most unusual and frightening manner.

I arrived at work as usual and within two hours suddenly had a powerful message pass through my brain. It said: "Go across the street to the Department of Education now, hurry." I jumped to my feet and headed for the elevator, telling my secretary on the way that I would return shortly. She following me asking why I was going there. She knew I had never gone to that building for business and wondered what I would be doing there now. That stopped me in my tracks because I knew logically I had no business across the street. I returned to my office bewildered. Within minutes, however, the same message returned even more forcefully. I could not resist and ran to the elevator, hoping to escape my secretary. En route to the front door of the building my logical brain kept telling me this was crazy. The other voice, however, encouraged me to go forward.

I rushed out of the front door of my office building and headed for the side door of the Department of Education directly across a six-lane street in the middle of the block. It was not my jay-walking that forced me back to my building, but rather a fear of being killed by some unknown object in the street. The fear was so great that I ran all the way back into my building and looked out the lobby window for something that would harm me. Again the message to go forward forced me back into the street. Each attempt to cross failed as I reached the second traffic lane. I must have run back and forth into the street a dozen times before I was almost mentally and physically exhausted. On the brink of a nervous breakdown, I was determined to cross that street and complete my mysterious mission.

People on the sidewalk had now stopped to watch my act. I was embarrassed but had no control over my actions. In desperation, I went into the street and crossed two full lanes. There were no autos during this entire event, which in itself was strange since 4th Street is a busy street, with the Smithsonian one block away and the National Gallery of Art two blocks further. On this morning at about ten o'clock, there was no traffic of any kind. I truly thought the traffic might be invisible to me since fear was still a major obstacle to crossing. Nevertheless, as I approached the center of the street, pain went through my body from the head down the spine affecting my legs. I inched my way slowly until my feet would not move. It became necessary for me to use my hands to lift each leg to move forward. When I reached the center double yellow lines, I became paralyzed and could not move further. I panicked but could do nothing. I closed my eyes to avoid the gaze of strangers on the sidewalk and thought about how this marked the end of my government career. I believed I must be totally crazy, and now paralyzed also. I prepared to wait until the police would come and carry me from the street.

At that difficult moment I heard the sound of thunder, although I knew the sky was cloudless. I would not open my eyes even when I heard wind and people on the sidewalk running and screaming. Finally the earth shook around me, and I suddenly felt totally free again. The pain was gone, I could move. I opened my eyes to find myself buried in a huge green tree. Immediately within inches to the front of me and to each side were huge log limbs of an old tree. It had split and fallen directly at me. It crossed all six lanes of traffic and was high over my head. One small step in any direction and I would have been killed. Immediately a voice in my head said: "Please do not ask again for physical evidence of my existence." Filled with new energy and excitement, I climbed through and from the tree. It took the fire department a full afternoon to cut the log-size branches and clear the tree from the street.

It had been the sound of the tree splitting that sounded to me like thunder and the heavy green leaves falling sounded like a wind on a windless day. It sure was a lot of physical evidence.

Dreams of Maitreya and Masters
I know that some people have experiences of Maitreya in their sleep. I believe these dreams or dream-like states provide us with interesting insights into Maitreya's or the Master's work. I experienced one dream sequence that lasted for almost 15 years. Once each year I would have a dream so real that I would have a memory of the dream as clearly as any other important event in my life. It became a joke with my closest friends that I had had my annual Queen Elizabeth II dream.

Starting around 1970, when I was assigned to the American Embassy in Brazil, I started having a series of dreams about visiting Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Each dream started in the same way and would repeat everything from the past dreams on this subject and then add one more chapter. Naturally the dream became longer and longer. The dreams continued on an annual basis even as I moved to Asia and later to Nairobi, Kenya. When I was assigned to Washington the dream was becoming more complex. In the dream I always waited in a lower room on the first floor of the palace. A guide would come and silently direct me through the back doors and narrow back stairways of the palace which eventually led into the private chamber of the Queen. It was like a secret visit. Immediately she would begin to talk to me and I would listen, as we sat before a fire in the hearth. I never remembered a word that she said but after some time the guide would return and inform us that the visit was over. He would then walk me down through the back stairs to the garden below.

The variations in the dream were mainly the route through the dark palace back stairways. As we climbed upwards there would be rooms I wanted to enter but was not allowed. One special room was a huge ballroom with great chandeliers filled with elegant people talking. I was allowed only a dim view through the French glass doors covered with gauze curtains. Two guards always protected the entrance. Each trip I tried to look in but the guide always pulled me away, and we went up to the Queen's chamber for the usual chat.

As we approached that grand ballroom area in my final dream, while I was living in Washington DC, all events changed from the previous routine. At that point, the guards stepped away from the French doors and the guide opened the door to allow me to enter. I was greeted warmly by the people inside as if I was one of the gang. I, however, had no idea who these friendly people were. Almost immediately, everyone headed for the door on the far side of the room. Bewildered, I followed at the tail end. Now we began to descend the main grand stairways in the front of the building which I had never been allowed to visit. The Queen, I noticed, was leading the procession. We departed the palace and went into the spacious, sunlit gardens. There, rows of chairs had been arranged for my group to sit. Everything faced hundreds of enthusiastic journalists and reporters. Banks of microphones, cameras, and crowds of people behind them were all waiting for something important to happen. As I was heading for a chair, the Queen grasped my arm and took me aside. She said: "Do you know what I am going to do today?" I was confused and tried to be as polite as possible. What she said to me was more or less the following: "Today I am going to speak to the people. They do not really know me. Their leaders have placed me on a pedestal so high that I am no longer real to them. Yes, they love their Queen, but my words to them are hollow since they are not really my words. Today, however, I am going to surprise them all. I am going to speak for myself, not someone speaking for me. They will be surprised at what I will have to say." I replied with something dumb like: "Go to it your majesty."

By 1982 or 1983 when this final dream took place, I had already read Mr Creme's book on Maitreya. Therefore, I was not too surprised, when looking intently at the Queen's face, after her statement regarding her intent to speak to the people, that she began to change and take on a new face. In her place stood a man in white robes. I immediately said: "Your majesty, you are not the Queen, you are Maitreya." He smiled at me and turned and walked towards the journalists. The dream was over. There have been no more 'Queen' dreams.

The Master, St John the Beloved
A far shorter dream experience took place a year after the final Queen dream. There were three dreams that repeated, as I remember, about one week apart. Each dream had me entering a strange house. I was always greeted warmly by people but did not understand why I was there. It appeared to be a party but only men attended. I appeared to be the last arrival each time. In the center of the main room sat three men. They were the obvious center of attention since they sat on chairs and everyone else sat on the floor around them. One man had long blond hair and blue eyes and a charming, handsome face. He said nothing but looked directly at me during the entire visit. In fact He was the only person in the room that looked at me. I roamed about the fringes of the room trying to determine what was happening during the first two dreams. At all times I was followed by the eyes of the blond man seated in the middle of the room. The other two men seated answered questions from the many men seated or standing around them.

At the third dream meeting I again found myself wandering at the far fringes of the gathering. Again everyone sat listening to the two vocal leaders as the central figure sat and stared at me. Finally, I found the courage (I am a 2nd-ray soul) to focus back on His eyes and sent a telepathic thought to Him as forceful as I could. I asked: "Who are you?" His reply was immediate: "I am the One you would know as St John the Beloved." The dream was over, never to return.

I told this to my good friend Bema Ferrara, who held the local Transmission Meditation sessions in her home in Washington. It was my first year of meditation and I was just beginning to read the Alice Bailey books. Bema suggested this must be a Master trying to tell me something. Together we searched for information on the Masters in the Bailey books. With little work we soon discovered that Koot Hoomi was St John. I assumed then that I must be a 2nd-ray soul. That was confirmed later by Mr Creme's Master.

Sai Baba in October
In October of 1995, Sai Baba created a scent of His presence at my apartment in suburban Washington DC during the visit of a friend. I assume that the attention we received that evening from Sai Baba was for the benefit of my friend to help him deal with the coming death of his mother in San Francisco. My friend Charles had taken a break from caring for his mother and visited me in Washington. During the visit I had him read Maitreya's Mission Volume Two. He completed the book the day before his departure for home. That last evening with me at home, I decided to also tell him about Sai Baba.

As I began to talk about Sai Baba the room filled with the powerful fragrance of flowers. My friend rushed about the room trying to find the source of this powerful aroma. I too was baffled. As we searched for a cause of the fragrance it disappeared. Again we settled down to a discussion of Sai Baba and immediately the scent of flowers was back. This time we were forced to flee to the balcony since the apartment was now far too full of the scent to endure. We assumed it was a problem in the building venting but were perplexed about how a sweet powerful perfume aroma could be in the building venting system. Again, I began to talk about Sai Baba and the aroma of flowers returned. Charles said: "Is that a jasmine scent?" Immediately, I thought of Sai Baba creating the fragrant aroma. Then Charles discovered that the source of the sweet aroma was coming from the area of my heart. Wherever I went, so did the flower fragrance. When I stopped speaking of Sai Baba the sweet aroma also stopped.

Charles was shaken by this revelation and went to lie down and rest. He never did sleep that night, but rather gathered his things and went to the airport for the night to sit and think. Upon returning to San Francisco he looked for a book on Sai Baba. He found one in the book store but the shop would not charge him since they claimed the book was not theirs. He took the book and read it chapter by chapter to his dying, atheist mother. They finished the book together just before her death. She died happily since she died with a new belief in life after death. Three nurses told Charles that when she died they all saw a white vapor rise from her body, circle the room and fly through the window. Never, they said, had they experienced anything of this sort. I believe Baba was with her at that moment of death.

Maitreya in New York
Several years ago I spoke with Maitreya at Mr Creme's lecture in New York city. This was at the Hotel Pennsylvania Ballroom. Although I was not sure it was Maitreya at the time, I had my suspicions. It became obvious after the event. That night as I entered the door of the Ballroom my eyes immediately locked on a woman who was truly extraordinary. Her eyes never left mine as I crossed the room. Mr Creme was already on the stage in meditation and the audience was very quiet. I walked very slowly toward the woman to savor every moment. She had extraordinary hair and a Mexican, handwoven bag filled with jars of water. I assumed the jars contained Tlacote water and I wanted to ask if they were for sale, but I believed it would be rude to ask, and anyway it was too quiet in the room to talk. Inches from her and looking into her huge bag of water, I said hello quietly, and She smiled and said something in return. I walked very slowly past Her, turning my head so that I could continue looking at Her. She turned and watched me walk slowly away, both of us still smiling at each other. Although I suspected this was Maitreya or a Master, I was not sure. Her look was magnetic. I wanted to stay as close to Her as possible since She exuded an excitement and great wisdom. She continued to look at me as I found a chair. I intended to go back and talk with Her about the water because I was becoming convinced She was Maitreya. Upon my return She was gone.

What initially surprised me was that none of the people passing Her or standing inches from Her remembered anything. Friends walking directly behind me did not see Her. I should have known it was Maitreya immediately. The eyes were the key. Also, that huge bag of water bottles that only an ox could have lifted, hung off Her right shoulder as if it were a feather. The hair was truly strange and big. Golden tubes formed the hair. I remember looking through the tubes of golden hair thinking how strange. However, there was one young man sitting behind me when I took my seat that could see Her. I watched him as he walked to Her and took a bottle of the water from Her. I believe he was the person who wrote later to Share Interntional magazine to ask for confirmation that it was Maitreya. The water cured his friend with AIDS.

Other Friends
Through coincidence or the hand of fate, in the past few years I have met people from a variety of backgrounds who also had experienced the Masters. One friend wrote books on miracles and had been visited many times by Masters, which she would refer to as angels or saints such as the Blessed Mother. I met a businessman who was visited repeatedly by angels/Masters that helped him towards reaching his goal of organizing help for the poor. He is also a friend of our President. Others, such as friends of the Holy Father in Rome (the Pope) or Catholic priests, all knew from one source or another that the Christ was in the world and about to present Himself publicly. All these people lived active professional lives aside from their interest in spiritual matters and the reappearance of the Christ. All have kept knowledge of their experiences with the Masters limited to a few friends. All, however, know that they are working for major changes in world affairs that will become obvious when the Christ appears.

One friend in particular has had extensive contacts with the Masters. She too began her contacts with the Masters as a child. In recent years, the Blessed Mother informed her of the work she would be doing and even what work her family members will be doing to support God's plan on earth. She knows these are extraordinary times and has visited sites of miracles in many countries. Her willingness to share her experiences of the Masters with me has given me additional courage to speak publicly about Them.
(Share International, December 1997 )

Mr Peterson has recently published the book Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings and is currently on a speaking tour. Please visit his website for ordering information and a schedule of lectures and interviews

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