Lebanese girl cries crystal tears
A Lebanese girl has baffled doctors by producing tiny crystals from her eyes. Since March of this year, 12-year-old Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani has been producing tiny crystals at an average rate of seven a day.

Although the crystals are as sharp as cut glass, Hasnah says she feels no pain and doctors cannot explain the phenomenon. Her father wants her to see specialists in Europe or America to find an explanation. Eye surgeon Dr Nasib El-Lakkis said he will be sending details of this case to an eye surgeons conference in Spain. ( Source: Reuters )

Tears of thread from Algerian girl's eye
A new miracle is happening, this time in Algeria, where a young schoolgirl cries tears of small colourful threads. The girl does not experience any pain although the threads can be clearly seen coming out of her eyes. This experience is reminiscent of a similar phenomenon which occurred in Lebanon.
( Source: TV-2, Spain; reported in Share International, May 1997 )

"The fish are coming!"
Some years ago an evangelical group called "Youth with a Mission" bought a ship, called Anistasis ('resurrection' in Greek), "to spread the word of Jesus in word and deed". The ship has been transformed and is fully equipped as a hospital and a dental surgery, and has all facilities and supplies on board for the building of houses, schools and entire clinics in developing countries. Over the years, the ship and its crew (all volunteers) have been able to offer much practical help in many countries in the Third World.

Buying the ship was no problem, but because of a shortage of both personnel and finances the ship lay unused in a Greek harbour for three years. The project's director suggested that he and the entire crew fast for 40 days, following the example set by Jesus, to show that they were willing to make sacrifices and were serious in their intentions.

Towards the end of the 40 days of fasting a series of miracles started. They began as a Moroccan crew member was walking along the beach and 12 fish leapt out of the water at his feet. Later a large fish sprang out of the sea at the feet of the then chief engineer and his family as they walked by the water's edge. On the 38th day of the fast, an American girl (a member of the volunteer crew) was sitting on the beach when 210 fish landed near her. The following day, while the crew was praying for Greece and the needs of the world, one of the crew members shouted: "The fish are coming!" Everyone rushed outside. No fewer than 8,301 fish had jumped out of the sea and on to the beach. All efforts were made to return the fish to the sea to no avail -- they simply leapt out again landing at the feet of the crew. Eventually the fish were collected, cleaned and salted. For the following six weeks the crew ate fish at least once a week.

The "miracle of the fish" so encouraged the crew that the ship was soon able to sail and shortly thereafter experienced another miracle -- donations totalling $600,000 flowed in to support their project. ( Source: Evangelical Broadcasting Company, Holland; reported in Share International, March 1996 )


Australian outback miracle
In July 1998 an enormous drawing of an Aboriginal man, beautifully-drawn and proportioned, was discovered in the south Australian desert, near Lake Eyre, 400 miles north of Adelaide. Visible only from 3,000 feet above, it measures three miles long, and was discovered after businesses in the nearest town, Marree, received anonymous faxes telling them of its presence. The figure was drawn into the earth with a 20-foot-wide gouged line, which, from 3,000 feet, appears as a deep rust colour contrasting with the pale desert earth. The circumference of this line-drawing measures 10 miles. Ray Goss was the first person to see the image from a plane, and notes that it is impossible to recognize the shape from the ground. "It is a drawing of an Aboriginal person," he said. "He's holding something like a spear in his hand."

The mystery figure has produced much interest from the Australian and international media, and speculation about its creator is rife. While some people think it was a prank by the local community to attract tourists, others are suggesting it could only be the work of extra-terrestrials. (Source: The Guardian, UK)






















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